An Active Pet Is A Healthy Pet

With 59% of all pets obese or overweight, the abundance of breed specific genetic challenges, and other health issues facing our pets, it is critical that we are ensuring that they are able to lead an active lifestyle.

Sometimes, though, we need some assitance to help our pet be as active as it can be.  This is where TotoFit K9 Fitness equipment comes in.

When Does Your Pet Need Rehabilitation Support?

  • During Weightloss
  • Treating Hip Displaysia
  • Post Surgery
  • Post Illness/Injury
  • Treating Arthritis or Long Term Pain

Targeted Rehabilitation

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With Digital Thermal Imaging

In conjunction with a Digital Thermal Imaging assessment, rehabilitation can be targeted to treat the exact issues that your pet is experiencing.  Being able to quickly and accurately identify where your pet is experiencing discomfort is key to preventing major damage in the future.  Digital thermal imaging is one of the fastest and most accurate ways to pinpoint the location of that discomfort and then come up with a Rehabilitation & Treatment plan to overcome it.

With CBD Oil Supplementation

Once the pain or discomfort is identified in your pet, sometimes pain relief is necessary to get your pet moving.  CBD oil is a great way to alieviate that pain without the risk of overmedicating your pet.

CBD Oil has a 4 hour effective time and poses no risk to an animal's  kidney, liver, or GI tract as some medications are indicated to do and, with the availability of 100% hemp cbd oils that are THC free, there is no risk of THC toxicity.

The TotoFit Product Family


K9 Kore Orbit

The new TotoFit ORBit is a one-of-a kind canine fitness product designed specifically for dogs.  We worked long and hard with our manufacturer to get it just right:  the right height, right diameter, right material, and most importantly, the right combination of challenge, stability, and safety for your dog!  You will not find this product in the human market or manufactured elsewhere.  The technology is unique and the process to make it is complex and timely.

It’s made of our extra thick, softly textured, PHTHALATE FREE Burst Resistant material. There is NO HOLE on the top for a leg to slip into. There IS A HOLE in the bottom that creates an instability, promoting more muscle engagement than a solid surface does. A manufacturing marvel!


K9 Kore Roller

This is a fun piece of equipment with so many applications, and a level of difficulty that is deceiving!   Work the front legs by placing them on the roller and rolling it slowly back and forth; work the hind legs in the same way.  Increase the challenge by placing opposite legs on an uneven surface at varying heights!

The K9 Kore roller may be used for small dogs as a strengthening and stretching tool.  It may also be utilized to work on eccentric and concentric contractions of isolated forelimb and hindlimb musculature in the performance dog.  Iliopsoas strengthening, medial shoulder instability, and trapezius strengthening are some of the few targeted exercises.


The Infinity

The Infinity is the foundation of our equipment pieces and was designed with safety and versatility in mind.  It is made of Burst Resistant material, meaning that if there is a puncture it will deflate rather than pop. The shape and design of this one piece of equipment provides an infinite number of simple and safe exercise possibilities.

The shape and design of this one piece of equipment provides an infinite number of simple and safe exercise possibilities.   Used alone, in a series, or with other Toto Fit pieces, there are numerous ways for your dog to strengthen core muscles, improve balance and proprioception, facilitate stretching, and build confidence.


K9 Kore Disk w/Base

Our K-9 Kore Disk with a solid base is another fundamental piece of equipment for use in individual fitness programs and in all clinics or centers focusing on canine health.  It is a safe and strong piece of equipment that remains universally balanced while allowing for different levels of difficulty.