There Is A Desparate Need In The Pet Health World.

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With 59% of all dogs suffering from obesity, breed specific genetic challenges, owners not recognizing behavioral issues as signs of discomfort, and the limitations of evaluating signs of pain or discomfort in pets, it is vital that we have a simple and accurate way to identify issues when our pets are in need and to treat them quickly before severe damage is done.

In a collaboration, Veterinarian Dr. Debbie Gross Torraca & Dog Trainer Brian Kilcommons have developed a system to identify the source of your pets behavioral issues, signs of discomfort, and developing long term illness or pain.  Through a unique process of Digital Thermal Imaging used in Assessment, TotoFit Balance and Core Work products for Rehabilitation and Weightloss, and Treatments/Supplementation using a unique time released 100% hemp CBD Oil treatment, their goal is to identify issues within your pet that may be causing behavioral issues & preventing damage from developing long term disease or deformity.


Even before some of the physical signs of pain or inflammation present themselves, pets often undergo a behavioral change.  Whether it is lethargy or aggressive responses, these behavioral changes can tell us when a pet is in need even before radiology can.

With digital thermal imaging, we can quickly identify where an animal's immune response is being triggered and we can start to treat the underlying issue immediately.

Digital thermal imaging is able to quickly provide a veterinarian with information about where there is heat/inflammation energy stored within the body.  Signified by colors from red to white, our goal is to quickly address the issues highlighted by the digital thermal imaging before more damage can be done.



With an obesity epidemic, the abundance of breed specific genetic challenges, and other health issues facing our pets, it is critical that we are ensuring that they are able to lead an active lifestyle.

Sometimes, though, we need some assitance to help our pet be as active as it can be.  This is where TotoFit K9 Fitness equipment comes in.

Treatments & Supplementation

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis and hemp that, when ingested, interacts with the Endocannabinoid system in the body and promotes healing, relieves pain, reduces anxiety, treats seizures, and has been even shown to fight Cancer.

CBD is among 120 different compounds found in cannabis and hemp called cannabinoids but, unlike most other cannabinoids (like THC), CBD does not interact with the same receptors that other cannabinoids interact with so they don't produce a high sensation and contain no psychoactive agents.


Dr. Deb Gross Torraca & Brian Kilcommons

With decades of experience between them, advocating for, training, and treating animals.  Brian and Dr. Torraca have the distinction of being among the few who truly can bridge the gap between pets and people.  In addition to handling over 100,000 animals, they have worked closely with the owners of those animals and understand where the challenges are.

Is my pet experiencing discomfort?
Is it a behavioral problem?
What is my pet trying to tell me?
Is this safe for my pet?
How can I get my pet to lose weight?

Dr. Torraca & Brian Kilcommons are uniqely versed in being able to answer these questions and speak for your pet in order to solve these challenges quickly.

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